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ÄKTA ready™ single-use chromatography system

Cytiva28906261Available: Worldwide

The ÄKTA ready™ system family consists of a range of single-use liquid chromatography system options that are built for process scale-up and GMP manufacturing. The systems use disposable flow paths and prepacked columns to enable flexibility and speed in bioprocessing

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ÄKTA ready™ single-use chromatography systems are available in four standard configurations.

System choices:

  • ÄKTA ready™ system (isocratic or gradient) – includes essential functionality and UV 280 nm for mAbs and recombinant protein purifications.
  • ÄKTA ready™ variable UV system – includes a variable UV monitor and integrated pH electrode, ideal for separation of full and empty adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsids, and nucleic acids such as plasmids and mRNA.
  • ÄKTA ready™ extended system – includes the features of ÄKTA ready variable UV plus additional sensors and valves, and integrated HMI for enhanced functionality

Other versions of the system are also available on request.

Flow kit choices:

  • Low Flow Kit manages flow rates up to 175 L/h to support columns up to 20 cm diameter (approx. 5 L column volume).
  • High Flow Kit manages flow rates up to 510 L/h to support columns over 20 cm diameter (10 L column volume or higher).
  • Flow kit installation is guided with the Installation Wizard in UNICORN™ control software.

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