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ÄKTA ready™ 450 single-use chromatography system

The ÄKTA ready™ 450 chromatography system is single use and has a  low flow rate and hold-up volume for efficient purification of small quantities in a GMP environment. 

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ÄKTA ready™ 450 is a single-use liquid chromatography system
designed for small-scale manufacturing. To meet the needs
of purifying small drug volumes, the system has a low flow range of
5 to 450 mL/min per pump and a low hold-up volume. The single-use
flow path minimizes the need for cleaning and cleaning validation,
allowing for quick changeover between productions and reducing
the risk of carryover. The ÄKTA ready™ 450 chromatography system
offers the performance and documentation required for use in a
GMP-regulated environment.

Designed for small-scale manufacturing:

  • Small hold-up volume and flow rate support efficient
  • purification of small drug volumes.
  • Single-use flow path with a fully closed option reduce
  • contamination risk.
  • Small benchtop footprint makes efficient use of valuable
  • facility space.

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