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ÄKTA pilot™ 600 chromatography system

Cytiva29274325Available: Worldwide

ÄKTA pilot 600 is a compact bench-top chromatography system intended for both non-GMP and GMP environments.

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ÄKTA pilot™ 600 is a bench-top chromatography system with a wide flow and pressure range.


  • It suits both production of technical batches and scale-up studies as well as small-scale production of GMP-grade material.
  • The system enables more than 40-fold scaling for columns between 26 and 200 mm inner diameter such as HiScale™ and AxiChrom™ columns.
  • Modular design enables flexible functionality. Interactive process picture in the software is automatically updated to match the configuration.
  • The column logbook and the Intelligent packing method in UNICORN™ control software together with the dedicated packing port on the column valve facilitates column handling through the entire column life cycle.
  • The system is designed for easy sanitization with innovative SNAP connectors that remove the need for O-rings or welding.

The system is available in two versions, ÄKTA pilot™ 600S and ÄKTA pilot™ 600R. The 600S model is suitable for non-GMP environments while 600R fits GMP environments.

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