Product News: PlasmaQuant® MS — All-Digital Detection of Signals over 10 Orders of Magnitude with ADD10

14 Aug 2015

The newly developed mass spectrometer with inductively coupled plasma from Analytik Jena, PlasmaQuant® MS, provides ADD10 — the all-digital detection technology covering 10 orders of magnitude linear dynamic range.

Equipped with advanced control technology, the ADD10 automatically dilutes signals up to 4 orders of magnitude electronically. This guarantees optimum signal detection independent from the concentration level of an element in the sample. The ADD10 thus emphasizes the flexible and user-friendly concept of PlasmaQuant® MS systems. In addition to that, this technology enables a previously unattained detector lifetime, thereby improving the efficiency of the system in daily laboratory use.

  • All-digital detection over 10 orders of magnitude
  • Automatic attenuation of strong signals depending on the element concentration
  • User friendly operation and simple optimization
  • No recalibration of factors, no cross-calibration required
  • Extended detector lifetime by advanced control technology