Product News: Online Tool Enables Fast LC Column Protection

04 Jan 2012

Phenomenex Inc. has introduced Guard Finder, an interactive online tool that helps users to quickly select column protection products for over 41,000 HPLC, UHPLC and preparative HPLC columns. The easy and flexible interface allows the customer to search by brand, part number, technique or column phase. In just seconds, the tool matches input with the recommended Phenomenex column protection.

The Guard Finder tool recommends column filters and SecurityGuard™ cartridges that protect against the damaging effects of chemical contaminants and microparticulates introduced by the sample, mobile phase or system, which can negatively impact column lifetime, method sensitivity, quantitation and peak identification. Column protection also reduces troubleshooting and downtime.

“Before we created this online tool, the process of choosing column filtration and protection systems was manual and laborious,” explains J.T. Presley, brand manager for Phenomenex. “Guard Finder was specifically designed to save customers time and ensure they get the most out of their columns.”