Product News: New Mass Detector for HPLC, GC, SFC and More

06 Sep 2011

Waters Corporation has introduced the Waters® SQ Detector 2, a new single quadrupole mass detector. Building on Waters' knowledge in robust quadrupole mass detection and open access technology, the SQ Detector 2 draws on recent advancements to produce a detector which is easy to use and compatible with a broad range of chromatographic techniques. Integrated with Waters' chromatographic technologies, the SQ Detector 2 allows users to take advantage of robust, reproducible data from a wide range of experiments available in a single quadrupole mass detector.

"Today's increasing demand for more information from a sample means that traditional chromatography detection methods often fall short," said Ed Sprake, Senior Product Manager for the Waters Division. "Waters is answering this challenge with our new SQ Detector 2, combining ease of use with proven robustness and versatility. The result is a detector designed to make routine work easier with the flexibility to help scientists address any analytical challenges as they arise."

The SQ Detector 2 features MassLynx Application Managers to provide scientists with complete workflow solutions and the easy reporting of results. This promotes consistency of data processing and formatting of results leading to greater laboratory efficiency, accelerated laboratory workflows and a quicker return on investment.

The SQ Detector 2 incorporates several proprietary technologies, including ZSpray and IntelliStart. Combined with Waters' chemistries, chromatography, informatics and service platforms, the SQ Detector 2 is engineered to produce consistent, high quality results and maximize system uptime.

The SQ Detector 2 is also designed to partner a wide range of chromatography, including UPLC®, UPSFC, HPLC, GC, as well as preparative scale HPLC and SFC. This leads to increased sample capacity, flexibility in workflow and lab efficiency.

The SQ Detector 2 offers additional versatility through the Universal Ion Source architecture, as featured throughout Waters' line of mass spectrometers. The Universal Ion Source provides users with the flexibility to analyze a wide range of compounds on a single platform, delivering maximum productivity and efficiency.
Furthermore, the SQ Detector 2 is fully compatible with Waters' Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP) which allows the rapid and direct analysis of a wide range of solid and liquid samples with no chromatography and minimal sample prep.