Particle Characterization

Particle characterization instruments are used to determine particle size distribution, shape, surface area, zeta potential, density and porosity of particles and materials. Multiple tecchniques are available for determining particle size, shape and count including dynamic light scattering (DLS), laser diffraction, electrozone (Coulter technique), imaging particle analysis and single particle optical sensing. Determine the density of your material with a gas pycnometer or examine its surface area and porosity with gas adsorption analyzers and mercury porosimeters. Find the best particle characterization instruments in our peer-reviewed product directory: compare products, check customer reviews and receive pricing direct from manufacturers.



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The NanoAssemblr® Ignite™


Precision NanoSystems

Product Image

NanoBrook 90Plus Particle Size Analzyer


Brookhaven Instruments Corp

Product Image



Brookhaven Instruments Ltd

Product Image



Hellma Axiom Inc.

Product Image

Next Generation Impactor (NGI)


Copley Scientific Ltd

Product Image

Smith Meter® PRIME 4 Meter



Product Image

NOVA® e-Series Surface Area Analyzers


Quantachrome Instruments

Product Image

990 Particle Size Analyzer



Product Image



Vinci Technologies

Product Image

qNano Gold


Izon Science

Product Image

EAF2000 Electrical AF4



Product Image

BI-200SM Research Goniometer and Laser Light Scattering System

Brookhaven Instruments Corp