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Atomic Absorption / Emission » Electron Spin Resonance (ESR), Elemental Analysis, Atomic Emission (AES) Spectrometers, Auger Spectrometers, Electron Spectroscopy, Atomic Absorption (AA) Spectrometers

Electron Microscopy » Electron Microscopes, Electron Microscopy Accessories

Fluorescence Spectroscopy » Time Resolved Fluorometers, Consumables, General Fluorometers, Fluorescence Spectroscopy Software, Spectrofluorometers, Fluorescence Spectroscopy Cameras, Accessories

Gas Chromatography » Recording Equipment, Systems, Software, Components, Column Accessories, Detectors, GC Research Services, Supplies, Columns, GC / MS

GC-MS » Services, GC/MS Software, Accessories, GC, GC/MS Systems, Recording Equipment

Infrared / FTIR » Infra-Red (IR), FTIR

Interferometry » Interferometry Accessories, Interferometers

LC-MS » Software, Recording Equipment, LC (Low and Medium Pressure)

Light Microscopy » Microscopes, Microscopy Accessories, Microscopy Cameras, Microscopy Software, Imaging Systems

Mass Spectrometry » Secondary Ion (SIMS), Gas Analysis, Isotope Ratio, Elemental Analysis, Quadrupole, ICP-MS, Time of Flight (TOF), Magnetic Sector, Mass Spectrometry Software , Fourier Transform, Ion Trap, Nebulizers, Accessories

Mechanical Testing » Bend Test Machines, Texture Analyzer, Compression Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Fatigue Testing Machine, Creep Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Equipment, Tensile Testing Machine

NMR » Software, NMR, NMR Research Services

Non-Destructive Techniques » Penetrant Testing (PT), Ellipsometry, Electromagnetic Testing (ET), Visual Inspection (VT), Radiographic Testing (RT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Particle Characterization » Particle Characterisation Services, Particle Analyzers, Accessories

Profilometers » Optical / Laser Profilometer, Surface / Stylus Profilometer, 3D Surface Profiler

Raman » Raman Services, Process, Raman Software, FT-Raman Spectrometer, General, Spectrometers /Microscopes

Rheometry » Rheometers, Rheometry Accessories

SPM / AFM » Automated Microscopes/Systems, SPM/AFM Accessories, Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) Microscopes/Systems, Multimode Microscopes/Systems, Environmental Control Microscopes/Systems, SPM/AFM Cantilevers / Levers, SPM/AFM Probes, Combined AFM Microscopes/Systems, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) Microscopes/Systems , Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPM)/Systems, SPM/AFM Software, Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM /SNOM) Microscopes/Systems, Scanning Hall Probe Microscopes (SHPM)/Systems, Optical Tweezers , SPM/AFM Positioners / Nanopositioners

Size Exclusion Chromatography » Accessories, Recording Equipment, Size Exclusion Software, Services, Size Exclusion Columns, Size Exclusion Systems and Equipment

Spectroscopy Lamps » Monochromators, Spectroscopy Lamps

Surface Area Testing » Pore Size Analyzer, Chemisorption Analyzer, Surface Area Analyzer, Gas Adsorption Analyzer, Physisorption Analyzer

Tensiometers » General, Tensiometer Accessories

Thermal Analysis Equipment » Vapor Sorption Analyzers, Melting Point Apparatus, Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer (DMTA), Thermomechanical Analyzer (TMA), Boiling Point Apparatus, Dilatometers (DIL), Calorimeters, Simultaneous Thermal Analyzers (combined TGA-DSC), Flashpoint Testers, Thermal Conductivity Meters, Thermal Diffusivity Instruments, Dielectric Analyzer (DEA), Thermogravimetric Analyzer (TGA), Thermometers

Ultrasonic » Ultrasonic Processors & Equipment, Accessories

UV / Visible » Visible, Refractometers and Accessories, Reflectance Spectroscopy, Luminometers, Diode Array, UV / Photoelectron Equipment, Flame Photometers, Software, Ultra-Violet - Visible (UV-Vis) Spectroscopy, Laser Spectroscopy, Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectroscopy, Spectrophotometers, Colorimeters

Viscometers » General, Standards, Viscometer Accessories

X-Ray » Fluorescence (XRF) Spectroscopy, X-ray Spectroscopy

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