Industry News: Thermo Fisher Scientific adds patterned microchip-based technology to liquid chromatography portfolio

The technology extends capabilities in column performance for biopharma and proteomics researchers

03 Nov 2021

Thermo Fisher Scientific, a world leader in serving science, has announced its acquisition of Belgium-based PharmaFluidics, the developer of the μPAC range of micro-chip-based chromatography columns. 

The µPAC portfolio of columns enhance liquid chromatography (LC) performance in biomarker, proteomics, and drug research and development applications, helping biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies uncover new insights and advance scientific discovery. Through an innovative approach, separation performance and sensitivity are improved with the μPAC chromatography columns, allowing for the identification of substantially more compounds in complex biological samples. The μPAC portfolio acquisition complements Thermo Fisher’s existing chromatography solutions to deliver extended analytical capabilities to researchers.

"LC is a key analytical technique across numerous applications, and its accuracy, reproducibility, and robustness is critical to the delivery of meaningful results," said Kent Davidson, vice president, and general manager, high-performance chromatography solutions, chromatography and mass spectrometry, Thermo Fisher Scientific. "Columns are an essential part of these workflows, and the next-generation μPAC columns push this element to a new level through innovative pillar array technology, improving the quality of data."

The μPAC columns deliver excellent separation and sensitivity to achieve greater identifications from samples with a large dynamic range, ultimately enhancing the solutions available for pharmaceutical laboratories to help meet changing needs in medical research.

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