Industry News: Technological Advancement Meets Innovative Separation Science at Pittcon

27 Feb 2019

Visit Biotage at Pittcon - Booth 2236 - to see the latest innovations in sample preparation and purification. Chat with their experts and discover for yourself how intuitive and convenient they are to use in a variety of application settings.

Biotage is pleased to showcase a handful of new products which are designed to help customers streamline their laboratory workflow and increase their efficiency. 

Biotage has listened to their users and created The New TurboVap® LV and II systems to better suit the demands of today’s laboratories. Building on the proven reliability of the Classic TurboVap models, these newly designed solvent evaporators incorporate many new customer driven features and enable end users to switch quickly between the functionality they are presently accustomed to in the classic instruments. Each system has enhanced visibility, a compact design, removable/adjustable nozzles, exchangeable manifolds, evaporation flow gradients, and a touch screen interface.

Biotage has a tradition of introducing new separation techniques that can be widely applied to high throughput and simplification, like the popular ISOLUTE® SLE+ and EVOLUTE® EXPRESS SPE.  The company recently launched the new ISOLUTE® HYDRO DME+, Dual Mode Extraction Plates and Columns for sample prep. Dual mode extraction (DME) is a patent pending mode of separation developed by Biotage to provide more effective removal of matrix components from urine, using a combination of liquid partitioning and scavenging modes. This novel extraction technology quickly and easily removes urinary components such as pigments, salts, urea, creatinine and residual hydrolysis enzyme, leaving urine samples visually clear and reducing matrix effects in mass spectrometry analyses. The simplicity and speed of this pass-through cleanup can be combined with in-well hydrolysis for maximum results. This novel technology offers the urine testing laboratory a cost effective alternative to dilute and shoot with many benefits.

The new Biotage® Selekt Flash Purification System is a system you can use with confidence. Purification is a fundamental step in discovery research and, the Selekt is your ideal partner. 

  • Designed with efficiency, simplicity and flexibility in mind, allowing customers to choose their desired purification methodology while maintaining a high level of productivity.
  • Compact, saving you valuable benchtop or hood space.
  • Utilizes an intuitive touchscreen to streamline method development and minimize training requirements for new users.
  • The sophisticated purification technology simplifies even the most advanced chemistry, delivering results with speed and reliability. 



Two additional sample preparation products will be unveiled, which are geared toward customers who are using solid phase extraction to process samples for semi/nonvolatile organic compounds. These product developments were facilitated following the acquisition of Horizon Technology, a leader in automated sample preparation systems.

The knowledge and expertise across both companies, combined with the feedback from Horizon Technology customers, were utilized to develop two versatile, rugged products for laboratories facing ever-increasing challenges to increase sample throughput, shorten sample turnaround times and achieve accurate and reproducible results – all while minimizing costs and downtime.  

The newest sample preparation products will join the existing extraction product family which includes the Biotage® Horizon 3100, the Biotage® Horizon 5000 and the Biotage® Horizon SmartPrep.  The Biotage Horizon 5000 will be on the booth to welcome the newest product family members.