Editorial Article: Winners of the 2018 Scientists’ Choice Awards for Clinical Lab Science Announced at AACC

A celebration of the clinical laboratory products that have made the most difference to your lab work, plus we reveal our most popular clinical interviews of the past year

02 Aug 2018

SelectScience® is delighted to announce the winners of the 2018 Clinical Scientists’ Choice Awards®, recognizing the new technologies and innovations which have had the greatest impact on clinical science and patient care. Clinical scientists and healthcare professionals around the world were once again invited to participate by nominating, voting and reviewing online.  Winners and shortlisted nominees were celebrated during a special SelectScience 20th Anniversary Party held yesterday evening at the AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo 2018 in Chicago, USA. With a record number of nominations for the best new clinical laboratory product, clinical scientists were invited to vote in two categories, Best New Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation of 2017 and Best New Clinical Assay/Kit of 2017. Read on as we reveal your chosen winners…


Best New Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation of 2017

Nominated and voted for by scientists across the globe, the Best New Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation of 2017 award was presented to Abbott, for the Alinity ci-series immunoassay system. The Alinity-ci series is a compact and scalable clinical chemistry and immunoassay system which promises improved throughput and assay performance. 

Abbott Global Marketing Manager, Brittany Dressler, receives the Best New Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation of 2017 Award


Runners Up


Best New Clinical Assay/Kit of 2017

The Best New Clinical Assay/Kit of 2017  was presented to Bruker Daltonics for the MBT STAR®-Carba IVD Kit. The MBT STAR-Carba IVD Kit allows for the rapid identification of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms in a single workflow, through the fusion of mass spectrometry and clinical microbiology techniques. 

Bruker Commercial Operations Director, Gongyi Shi, receives the Best New Clinical Assay/Kit of 2017 Award from Kerry Parker 

Runners Up


Reviewers' Choice Clinical Company of the Year

SelectScience announced that the Reviewers’ Choice Award for Clinical Company of the Year had gone to Siemens Healthineers, a mark of the appreciation felt by customers around the world for the company's innovative range of products and services. It was presented to Donna Woodall, Senior Director of Global Marketing, Siemens Healthineers by SelectScience Editor-in-Chief, Kerry Parker.

Donna Woodall collected the Reviewers' Choice Clinical Company of the Year on behalf of Siemens Healthineers


Reviewers' Choice Clinical Product of the Year

In their second success of the night, the Reviewers’ Choice Award for Clinical Product of the Year was picked up by Abbott for the Alere™ i , soon to be known as ID NOW. This instrument provides a rapid, simple alternative to PCR ideal for healthcare settings, enabling healthcare professionals to make important clinical decisions quickly.

Abbott's Strategic Business Executive Laurie Osbahr accepts the Reviewers' Choice Clinical Product Award


Clinical Video of the Year - in association with The Scientists' Channel 

This year’s winning Clinical Video of the Year, "The Role of Cardiac Troponin in Myocardial Infarction Diagnosis" featured the research of Dr. Frank Peacock, Professor of Emergency Medicine and Research Director at Baylor College of Medicine, in association with Siemens Healthineers. In the video, Peacock describes the science behind diagnosing a heart attack. He discusses methods used to measure cardiac troponin, a protein released into the bloodstream during a heart attack, and the benefits of sensitive new technologies for earlier detection in the emergency department. Watch the winning video on The Scientists' Channel here.

2017's Clinical Video of the Year Award accepted by Siemens' Kimberly Wilson


Clinical Article of the Year

The Clinical Article of the Year went to our fascinating interview with Emma Walker, Consultant Clinical Scientist at Imperial College Healthcare. The article, titled 'Streamlined Clinical Mass Spectrometry Workflow at Imperial College Healthcare', looks at benefits and challenges of conversion to LC-MS/MS technology from immunoassays, featuring the Waters ACQUITY UPLC I-Class/Xevo TQ-S micro IVD System.


2017's Clinical Article of the Year Award accepted by Waters' Michelle Finneran


Clinical Email of the Year

ELITech Group collected this year’s award for the email "Breakthrough Molecular Diagnostics: White Paper".  The email showcased the ELITe InGenius®, detailing a one-stop platform for molecular diagnostics validated for use with a variety of biological samples. 


2017's Clinical Email of the Year Award accepted by ELITech's Audrey Estampes-Barthélémie


Visit the Scientists' Choice Awards website for more information. For news, live updates and interviews from the Expo, visit the AACC 2018 Special Feature or follow on twitter at #AACC2018