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01 Oct 2020

As part of our new special feature, we look at some of the latest technologies, resources, and techniques advancing drug discovery. Discover how T cell activation assays are helping to identify vaccine epitopes for COVID-19, explore how binding kinetics of unknown compounds can be determined by TR-FRET-based kinetic probe competition assays,  find out how to increase reproducibility and walk-away time with ELISA automation, and much more.


COVID-19: Identifying vaccine epitopes using peptide-based T cell activation assays

Learn about the role of T cell activation assays in confirming the immunity of COVID-19 patients and determining top epitope candidates for vaccine development.


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BINDING KINETICS: A high-throughput assay for kinase inhibitors

Discover a TR-FRET-based kinetic probe competition assay (kPCA) for the determination of binding kinetics of unlabeled compounds in high throughput.


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ELISA: Increase reproducibility and walk-away time with ELISA automation

Download a step-by-step procedure for performing a fully automated sandwich ELISA using the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot.


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BIOPHARMA TRENDS: The making of a modern biopharmaceutical

Find out more about the future trends in biopharmaceutical development, including multi-attribute monitoring, biophysical analysis as a complement to analytical characterization, and the rise of mass detection.


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CYTOTOXICITY: Reliable automated multiplexed cytotoxicity assays

Discover a multiplexed, automated method to assess cytotoxicity using Analytik Jena's CyBio® FeliX liquid handling system. Learn how the method ensures consistent experimental setup and enhances efficiency.


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IMMUNOASSAYS: Can immunoassay plates help in SARS-CoV-2 research?

Learn why Thermo Scientific Nunc Immunoassay Plates make an ideal tool for SARS-CoV-2 assay development and production, through their immobilization of glycoproteins and proteins.


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AFFINITY: Accurate affinity profiling of a SARS-CoV-2 antibody in serum

Fluidic Analytics describes the application of microfluidic diffusional sizing to accurately measure the affinity of an anti-spike S1 antibody to fluorescently labeled SARS-CoV-2 RBD directly in serum.


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BIOCHEMICAL ASSAYS: A guide to navigating hit prioritization

BellBrook Labs presents strategies for hit-to-lead selection, including assay considerations, running a dose-response, hit confirmation, triaging, hit expansion, mechanism of action, and residence time studies.


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COLLABORATION: A holistic approach to speed up biologics discovery

In this SelectScience interview, Lori Euler, Pall Laboratory, shares how collaboration between Pall and key life sciences researchers is helping to innovate and accelerate biologic development.


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Exclusive videos:

  • Phenotypic models: Find out how researchers are using live-cell analysis to study inflammatory and primary lung phenotypic models to identify treatments for COVID-19. Watch video>>
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Other resources:

  • Microplate readers: Download the comprehensive guide to buying a microplate reader to make sure you select the best technology for your research. Download guide>>
  • Flow cytometers for Screening: Discover key considerations and expert tips for buying a new flow cytometer for drug discovery and screening applications. Download guide>>
  • Single-cell multi-omics and DNA analysis: Find out how Mission Bio's Tapestri Platform is a highly sensitive solution for applications in blood cancer research. Download method>> 
  • 3D imaging: Discover solutions for high-content imaging for diverse 3D cell culture models in this application eBook. Download eBook>>

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