Editorial Article: Advances in Microbiome Research: SelectScience Special Feature

From NGS-based methods to the world’s largest crowd-sourced microbiome project, find out the latest techniques and technologies advancing the microbiome field

03 Mar 2020

Precision Medicine SelectScience Special Feature

The microbiome has received increasing attention over the past decade, from scientists exploring the gut microbiome to understanding how our microorganisms can influence physiological and psychological health. From NGS-based methods to why we are what our microbes eat, find out the latest developments, resources, and technologies revolutionizing the microbiome field.

CIC bioGUNE scientists - precision medicine special feature

eBook: Genetic testing basics for health science professionals

Find out the latest approaches for effective microbiome analysis and discover how NGS-based methods can help you overcome challenges associated with conventional microbiome analysis, in this eBook from Tecan. Download now>>


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CIC bioGUNE scientists - precision medicine special feature

Article: What’s behind the world’s largest crowd-sourced microbiome project?

Take a sneak-peek into what goes on inside one of the busiest microbiome labs in the world. We uncover the technologies enabling this high-throughput research, and finally, what happens to all the data collected from participating citizens. Read now>>


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CIC bioGUNE scientists - precision medicine special feature

Article: The Diet Bacteria: Why we are what our microbes eat

Pioneering microbiome scientist Prof. Patrice Cani reveals how his work has unearthed some of the most groundbreaking discoveries in the world of gut microbes, and how they influence human physiology. Read now>>


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CIC bioGUNE scientists - precision medicine special feature

Video: High-Throughput Microbiome Characterization

In this video, watch Mike Humphrys, project manager at the University of Maryland's Microbiome Service Laboratory, describe a novel automated workflow for 16S rRNA sequencing using the mosquito HV genomics liquid handling platform from SPT Labtech. Watch video>>


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Downloadable resources

Video interviews with leading scientists

  • Discover the link between the microbiome and disease: Dr. Sofia Forslund at ECRC discusses the surprising relationship between the human microbiome and cardiovascular disease, which could soon help lead to personalized therapeutics. Watch now>>
  • Manipulating Gut Microbiota to Alleviate the Effects of Stress-Related Disorders: In this video, Dr Gerard Clarke of the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioural Science at University College Cork, describes how gut bacteria can affect brain and behavior. Dr Clarke discusses how a novel probiotic has shown beneficial effects in alleviating stress and anxiety in pre-clinical testing and his aim to translate this research into a clinical setting. Watch now>>
  • Rapid diagnostic systems for bacterial infections: Prof. Pak Kin Wong, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Surgery at the Pennsylvania State University, discusses his research into the development of comprehensive microbiology analysis systems designed to rapidly determine the presence of bacteria within samples. Watch video>>
  • Mass Spectroscopy helps scientists elucidate bacterial microbiomes: John McLean, of Vanderbilt University, describes the new 'Fight-Club' mass spectrometry technique, which will help elucidate new drug molecules. This technique has been designed to utilize the evolutionary pressure placed on cave-dwelling bacteria causing them to have developed chemicals to fight off predatory bacteria, which scientists hope could be used as drug targets. Watch now>>

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