Editorial Article: Scientists’ Choice Awards Nominations Open for Best New General Lab/Separations/Spectroscopy Product of 2017

Calling all scientists: Which new product, instrument or consumable made the most difference to your laboratory?

01 Jan 2018

Nominations for the Best New General Lab/Separations/Spectroscopy Products of 2017 are now open, SelectScience® has announced. Nominate today in any of the three categories for your chance to win a $500/£400/450€ Amazon voucher.

Laboratory scientists across the world are being invited to take part in the Scientists’ Choice Awards® by nominating and voting for the new product, instrument, service or consumable that made the most difference to their research in 2017. Now in their tenth year, these coveted awards aim to showcase and celebrate of the very best in the business and have gone from strength to strength over the past decade, with the number of votes and nominations growing consistently.

Nominate your favorite new laboratory products of 2017 in the following categories:

  • Best New General Laboratory Product of 2017
  • Best New Separations Product of 2017
  • Best New Spectroscopy Product of 2017

Why nominate? A Scientists’ Choice Award® will give your favorite product the recognition it deserves, as well as spreading the word to your fellow scientists to help them purchase the best lab equipment, enabling them to achieve better research outcomes and accelerating scientific progress. Additionally, all nominations and votes are entered into a prize draw for the chance to win a $500/£400/450 €Amazon voucher!

At Pittcon last year, Eppendorf was presented the Best New General Laboratory Product of 2016 award for its Centrifuge 5920 R. Also shortlisted for the award were products from INTEGRA Biosciences, JULABO GmbH,  Metrohm AG and NuAire Inc.

Best New Separations Product of 2016 was the 1260 Infinity II Liquid Chromatography System by Agilent Technologies, seeing off other shortlisted nominees from Phenomenex Inc.Restek Corp.Thermo Fisher Scientific and Waters.

Finally, the Best New Spectroscopy Product of 2016 award went to the timsTOF™ by Bruker Daltronics. Other nominees included products from Agilent Technologies, LECO Corporation,  PerkinElmerSCIEXShimadzu Scientific InstrumentsTeledyne Leeman Labs, Thermo Fisher Scientific and Waters. 

Nominations for this year's top products or services close on January 24, 2018, when nominations will be shortlisted. Scientists will then be invited for final voting from February 1, 2018.

The winners of the Scientists' Choice Awards for the Best New General Lab/Separations/Spectroscopy Products of 2017 will be announced at a special party on February 27 during the Pittcon Conference and Expo 2018 taking place in Orlando, Florida, USA, Feb 26 - Mar 1, 2018.


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Other previous winners of the Scientists’ Choice Award® for Best New General Lab Product of the Year include the Thermo Scientific™ mySPIN™ Mini Centrifuge Series by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Multipette® M4/Repeater® M4 by Eppendorf and the Bottle Top Dispenser Calibrex organo 525 and Calibrex solutae 530 by Socorex ISBA. Among the previous winners of the Scientists’ Choice Award® for Best New Separations Product of the Year are the ACQUITY Arc System by Waters, the Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ UHPLC System by Thermo Fisher Scientific and the ÄKTA™ start by GE Healthcare. Finally, previous winners of the Scientists’ Choice Award® for Best New Spectroscopy Product of the Year include the Thermo Scientific™ Q Exactive™ GC Orbitrap™ GC-MS/MS System by Thermo Fisher Scientific, the NexION 350 ICP-MS Spectrometers by PerkinElmer and the Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Fusion™ Tribrid™ Mass Spectrometer, also by Thermo Fisher Scientific.


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About The Scientists’ Choice Awards®
SelectScience, the leading independent online resource for the global scientific community, began the Scientists’ Choice Awards in 2007 to enable scientists to voice their opinions on the best laboratory products. Once a year, SelectScience invites members to nominate their favorite products of the year in each category.