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MALDI Biotyper
The MALDI Biotyper identifies microorganisms using MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization-Time of Flight) Mass Sp...

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Attain the highest level of mass spectrometry performance with the ultrafleXtreme™, an instrument exceeding all your expectations...

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Impact HD
Bruker introduces exciting new High-Definition capabilities in proteomics and biomarker research. Patented low-noise Captivespray nanoBoos...

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solariX XR
Bruker introduces the breakthrough new solariX XR Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometer (FTMS) with the revolutionary new ParaCell™ for e...

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EVOQ Elite
The EVOQ triple quadrupole for liquid chromatography (LC-TQ) was designed for a singular purpose - to reliably quantify thousands of real...

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Company Profile

Bruker Daltonics, an operating company of Bruker Corporation, is a leading developer and provider of innovative life science tools based on mass spectrometry. We design, manufacture and market a broad array of products intended to meet the rapidly growing needs of a diverse customer base, including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, proteomics and molecular diagnostics companies, academic institutions and government agencies.

Bruker Daltonics has diverse technology platforms that integrate MALDI-TOF, MALDI-TOF/TOF, (Q-q-) FTMS, ESI-Ion Trap, ESI-TOF, ESI-Q-q-TOF and UHR-TOF mass spectrometry systems with automated sample processing systems and productivity-enhancing software for life science applications.

We are also a worldwide leader in supplying systems for substance detection and pathogen detection in security, defense and anti-terrorism. Field-hardened systems make use of advanced mass and ion mobility spectrometry as well as Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy technologies.