Editorial Article: New methods and top technologies advancing the field of microscopy

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22 Dec 2020

As part of our new special feature, we've pulled together a selection of top new resources to help advance your microscopy-based research.  Find out how to observe regeneration through high-resolution fluorescence imaging, explore key molecular mechanisms that underlie age-related defects in the eye, discover how to increase drinking quality by optimizing powdered beverage analysis, find out how 3D Raman imaging can enable non-destructive complex chemical analysis, and much more!

REGENERATION: High-resolution system regeneration with the VS200 Slide Scanner

Find out how OlympusSLIDEVIEW™ VS200 slide scanner is helping Max Planck researchers observe the regeneration capabilities of the planarian S. mediterranea by providing high-resolution fluorescence images of very thick samples using real-time deblurring.


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SEM: Achieve sub-nanometer imaging below 1 kV

Discover how the GeminiSEM 560 & Smart Autopilot from ZEISS provides users with high resolution at low kV, an increased field of view and autofocus capabilities that bring operation into the second domain for the first time.


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CASE STUDY: Elucidating the molecular mechanisms of the eye

Find out how Dr. Catherine Cheng, Assistant Professor at Indiana University School of Optometry, is elucidating the key molecular mechanisms that underlie age-related defects in the eye and discover how water purification technology from ELGA LabWater helped her achieve accurate results.


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3D RAMAN IMAGING: Best practices for optimum precision

In this best practice guide from WITec, learn all about the benefits of 3D Raman imaging for a range of applications and how it can enable non-destructive complex chemical analysis with reduced acquisition times.


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BEVERAGE PRODUCTION: How to meet your QC needs

Discover how the LUMOS II from Bruker can help ensure drink quality by accurately analyzing powdered beverage composition, identifying foreign contaminants and yielding homogeneity analyses.


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‘How to buy’ eBooks:

  • How to Buy Cell Analysis Microscopy Equipment:  This essential guide provides you with all the information you need to invest in a microscope for cell analysis. Download guide>>
  • How to Buy Microscopy Equipment: Download this comprehensive guide on how best to invest in microscopy equipment for your lab. Download guide>>
  • How to Buy Cell Imaging Technology: Learn the key considerations for purchasing microscopes and imagers for cellular analysis. Download guide>>


  • Thibault Brulé from HORIBA Scientific outlines how Raman microscopy can help the pharmaceutical industry throughout the development and production process. Watch webinar>>
  • Takeo Ogama from Olympus covers the basics of widefield fluorescence imaging that could be leveraged for any biological experiment that uses a microscope. Watch webinar>>
  • Dr. Ben Tordoff, Carl Zeiss AG, highlights how the industry-leading Gemini technology was pioneered, the latest ZEISS FE-SEM portfolio, and its benefits for ultimate microscopic characterizations of challenging samples. Watch webinar>>

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