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SLIDEVIEW VS200 Research Slide Scanner

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Easily analyze, share, and archive your data with the SLIDEVIEW VS200 digital slide scanner. Designed to capture high-resolution images of your slides for quantitative analysis, the system enables you to make the most of the information your slides have to offer.


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Outstanding Image Quality for Quantification

  • Better Resolution and Flatness
  • Uses X Line high-performance objectives to deliver flatter images with a wide field of view and no intensity fall off at the periphery
  • An optimized optical beam path provides more homogenous illumination
  • High-power true color LED matches the performance of halogen, so purple, cyan, and pink stains are correctly represented, imaged, and rendered
  • Fluorescence illuminator with fly-eye lens uniformly distributes light for bright, even images

Flexible for Many Applications

  • Combine five observation methods to view structures that are only visible under certain conditions
  • Acquire precise fluorescence signals with reduced photobleaching
  • Various slide sizes can be imaged using specialized trays that are immediately detected by the system

Achieve More in Less Time

  • Loader holds up to 35 sample trays with a maximum capacity of 210 26 × 76 mm (1 × 3 in.) slides
  • Robotics quickly and safely loads and unloads trays while coordinating with the focus and scan unit for fast acquisition
  • Integrated barcode reader automatically captures and records slide information

Simplified and Powerful Workflow

  • Simple user interface—choose expert mode to customize the system’s settings or quick mode where the software optimizes the settings for you
  • Save and recall settings to speed up repetitive workflows and standardize operations
  • Settings can be saved as projects and shared among multiple users

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