Special Feature: 3D cell culture: Discover the latest technologies and resources for your research

Hear from leading experts and explore tools to advance your work using 3D cell culture

08 Nov 2021

3D Cell Culture Special Feature

As part of this month's special feature, we've pulled together a selection of top new resources to support and advance your work using 3D cell culture. Explore the latest technologies for cell imaging and analysis, find out how to improve the physiological relevance of your organoid models, learn how to optimize your cell line development workflows, and much more.

How cell culture imaging just got easier

SEEING IN 3D: How cell culture imaging just got easier

Dr. Falco Krüger examines how the latest microscopy and analysis tools are keeping up with the rapidly evolving field of 3D cell culture and reveals how solutions from Leica Microsystems can meet the demands of even the most intricate cellular models.  

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The ultimate guide to live-cell imaging

LIVE-CELL IMAGING: Solutions and techniques for your applications

 Advances in microscopy have made live-cell imaging more accessible, versatile, and quantifiable than ever before. Explore the best techniques, key considerations and latest solutions from Leica Microsystems for your live-cell imaging applications, in this comprehensive eBook.


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INTESTINAL ORGANOIDS: Striving for greater clinical relevance  

Learn how a Canadian biotechnology company is harnessing cutting-edge real-time cell imaging to improve the physiological relevance of organoids

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Cell based assay

ASSAY OPTIMIZATION: How to improve your cell-based methods  

From tackling COVID-19 to therapeutic discovery, novel organoids and more, advance your assay research with these expert interviews and free resources.

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3D cell culture video

TRENDING VIDEOS: What’s new in cell prep, incubation, and storage?

Leading scientists share the cold storage solutions behind their pioneering work in vaccine development, CAR-T cell therapy, clinical diagnostics and more.

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TUMOR THERAPY: Getting organoids into the clinic

Dr. Christian Regenbrecht shares how his work using patient-derived tumor organoids can help clinicians and patients make the best possible treatment decisions, and the promising future of organoids in clinical practice.


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Catch up on exclusive interviews

Tumor-specific 3D cell culture models for accurate testing of anticancer agents
Dr. Julia Kirshner outlines how tissue-specific 3D culture platforms can be used throughout the drug development workflow

How to optimize your cell-based assays: Overcoming common challenges
Cell culture expert Ann-Cathrin Volz discusses current trends and challenges in the field of cell-based assays 

Image registration and spatial infiltration analysis in HALO
Scientists at HistologiX reveal how an advanced spatial analysis workflow can be used to analyze the infiltration of CD8 positive cells across the tumor-stroma interface

Improving organoids to advance understanding of lung development and disease
Dr. Sandra Leibel discusses physiologically relevant lung organoids, the power of automated live-cell imaging and the search for new biotherapeutics

Discover leading scientists on video

Find out how cell-based methods are fueling research breakthroughs across life sciences, from COVID-19 detection to polyploid giant cancer cells and cellular genomicsthrough video interviews on The Scientists' Channel >>

More resources for cell-based research

  • Knockout cell lines: A guide to use and benefits
    Learn how ready-made KO cell lines can benefit workflows, provide quality control, and deliver confidence in results, with this comprehensive 
    application guide >> 
  • Transform your discovery research with spatial phenotyping
    Discover how single-cell, spatial phenotyping can push the boundaries of discovery biology in human health and disease, and learn how to apply it to your research, in this new eBook >>
  • How to buy cell counting technology
    Compare the top cell counting technologies available on the market and find the best fit for your applications, whether it’s manual, automatic, non-imaging, or imaging, with this free 
    buying guide >>
  • User guide to simplified & optimized multiplexing cell analysis
    Explore how real-time live-cell imaging and image-based cytometry can bring higher levels of automation, reproducibility, and flexibility to your cell-based research, in this fascinating 
    user guide >>

Your recommendations

Take a look at what other researchers and scientists all over the world are saying about the latest equipment and technologies in cell-based assay research.  Here, Yasemin Gursoy-Ozdemir, Koec University, shares their opinion of the Stellaris Confocal Microscope Platform by Leica Microsystems Europe.