Editorial Article: Your Neuroscience Playlist: 9 Essential Video Interviews

Watch video highlights from the Neuroscience 2018 annual meeting in San Diego, from the latest research presented, to the new technologies innovating neurobiology research

21 Jan 2019

The SelectScience team travels to scientific conferences the world over to bring you the news that matters. Towards the end of last year, our Editors were privileged to attend the world's largest meeting devoted to the prevention and cure of the neurological disorders - the Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting 2018 in San Diego - where we interviewed scientists at the forefront of research and reported on the technological innovations that could make all the difference. We captured some of these interviews on camera, to share with our members - here are some of those video highlights.

A New Method for Culturing Viable Adult Cortical Neurons

To develop a representative of the corticospinal system, Dr. Erna A. van Niekerk, University of California San Diego, presents a new method to isolate and culture viable neurons from mice at postnatal day 12 and 20. 

representation of neurons in the brain

Automated Brain Dissociation and Isolation of Neurons for Efficient Single Cell Analysis

To mediate single-cell analysis in a complex tissue such as the brain, each step of the process needs to be optimized. In this presentation, Dr. Andreas Bosio presents how the MACS technology by Miltenyi offers isolation of primary neurons from the brain.

From Media Exchange to Image Acquisition: Optimize Your Entire In Vitro Workflow

Discover how plate washers and imagers from BioTek Instruments can impact every step of your workflow: from gentle media exchange and sample prep, all the way to image acquisition and data analysis.

Live-Cell Measures of Neuronal Activity and Morphology

IncuCyte by Sartorius enables real-time measurements of neuronal activity, morphology, and neurite outgrowth in a non-destructive manner, explain Dr. Daniel Appledorn.

Single-Cell Analysis of Adult Neurons Using ddSEQ for Characterization of Neuronal Subtype

Dr. Kelly Kaihara, Bio-Rad, explains the benefits of automated adult rodent brain dissociation and neuron isolation for single-cell analysis with the ddSEQ platform.

Examine the Transcriptome at a Single-Cell Level

The ddSEQ platform by Bio-Rad enables a high-throughput method to interrogate the transcriptome at a single-cell level. 

Quick Homogenization for Uniform Cell Lysis in Microbiomics

Emily Putnam, Zymo Research, shares how the Precellys homogenizer by Bertin Instruments provides efficient, high-yield tissue homogenization in just 1 minute.


From The Scientists’ Channel


screenshot of interview with scientist Johannes Kohl
Dr. Johannes Kohl from The Francis Crick Institute

How a Small Group of Neurons Control Parenting Behavior

Parenting is a complex social behavior. Dr. Johannes Kohl from The Francis Crick Institute shares the findings from his studies into the neural circuit basis of parenting.

How Neurons Connect to Form Networks

The network level organization of the brain is implicated in numerous neuropsychiatric disorders. Dr. Andreas Tolias, Professor at Baylor College of Medicine, explains his research goals of understanding the organization of these cortical circuits on a morphological, electrophysiological and transcriptomic level.


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