Editorial Article: Environmental Analysis, Pesticides, Contaminants & Sustainability: Technologies and resources to advance your research

Explore resources and technology for wastewater analysis, DNA extraction, PFAS determination, and more

17 May 2023

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Environmental analysis of pesticides and contaminants is essential in protecting the environment and limiting exposure to contaminated material that poses harm to wildlife and human health. In this special feature, we highlight some of the latest technological advancements in environmental analysis and how they are transforming pesticide analysis, sustainability, and other fields.

Read on to learn more about the challenges testing labs face in wastewater analysis, discover nucleic acid isolation kits for a range of difficult samples, gain insight into how weak anion exchange (WAX) solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges can be used for LC-MS/MS analysis, consider how fully automated nutrient detection can be enabled, and much more.

Wastewater: Expand your analysis spectrum video

Wastewater: Expand your analysis spectrum and ensure compliance

Monitoring and treating wastewater is critical for environmental protection and public health. However, the analysis presents several challenges for testing labs. In this video, experts from BUCHI guide you through the analysis of wastewater.

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Scientist holding a SPINeasy nucleic acid kit

DNA/RNA: Rapid purification of DNA and RNA from a wide range of samples

Discover SPINeasy® nucleic acid isolation kits from MP Biomedicals which utilize silica-membrane technology in the form of spin columns, eliminating the need for toxic extractions or time-consuming alcohol precipitation.

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Chemical diagram of a PFAS

PFAS: LC-MS/MS analysis of 40 distinct PFAS in aqueous samples as per EPA 1633

Learn how Enviro-Clean® polymeric weak-anion exchange (WAX) SPE cartridges from UCT, Inc. were used in the LC-MS/MS analysis of 40 distinct per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in aqueous samples.

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Image of soil

Soil analysis: Fully automated analysis of nutrients and inorganics in soil extracts

Learn how Discrete Analyzers, such as the SmartChem® 450 from KPM Analytics, overcome challenges associated with continuous flow process and enable fully automated detection of nutrients in soil, plant, and fertilizer extracts.

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  • Discover a suite of analytical technologies designed to assess the properties and composition of various minerals.
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  • Gain insight into actionable steps that can help labs reduce waste while promoting safety and convenience by providing users with instruments to build a more sustainable and safer workplace.
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  • Find out more about how experts at Lake County Health Department are providing safe drinking water to local residents.
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