Editorial Article: Discover the Latest Innovations in Cell-Based Automation

New application notes, videos and technologies

18 May 2016

Image: Caleb Foster/Shutterstock

Learn about the latest innovations in cell-based automation to optimize your cell-based workflow. Download the latest methods, read about new developments and products, and watch video interviews with leading experts.


1. Application Note: Dynamic Live Cell Imaging of Bacterial Biofilm Communities Using the CellASIC® ONIX Microfluidic System 

Learn how enhanced microfluidic control of cell culture parameters can create a stable, manipulatable environment, for the long-term study of bacterial dynamics. Discover how finer environmental controls simplify the challenge of studying signaling and growth in bacterial colonies. Download method  


2. Infographic: The Evolution of Cell Culture with 3D Applications

This infographic from Corning Life Sciences describes the benefits of 3D cell culturing, compared with traditional 2D methodologies, for cell based research and drug discovery. Learn how 3D culturing can advance your cell workflow and discover the latest innovative equipment. Download article


3. Guide: How to Buy Microplate Readers

Learn all you need to know about microplate readers and their applications in this indispensible guide. Find out how you can streamline your automated cell assays and imaging with the latest microplate reader technology, and discover which products your scientific peers recommend. Download guide


4. Video: Dr Kevin Pfleger Discusses Novel nanoBRET Assay Development for High Throughput

Watch the video to find out how Dr. Kevin Pfleger, Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia and Head of Molecular Endocrinology and Pharmacology at Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, developed a novel nanoBRET assay for high throughput screening, in collaboration with BMG Labtech and Promega. Watch video


5. Application Note: Utilizing Automated Imaging and Advanced 3D Cell Culture Techniques to Quantify Apoptosis Activity

Learn about a novel 3D spheroid cell culture model, Elplasia®, and how it can be used to assess apoptotic potential of compounds in different cell lines. Discover how combination of the Elplasia® 3D Discovery Tool microplates with automated cell imaging provides more biologically relevant, robust and reproducible data. Download method


6. Application Note: IncuCyte™ ZOOM NeuroTrack™ Fluorescent Processing

Learn how the NeuroTrackTM Software Module can be used to measure the processes of neurons in monoculture, or with fluorescent labeling in co-culture. Discover how NeuroTrack offers flexibility to consistently and effectively process a wide-range of neuronal cell types. Download method


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