Editorial Article: 7 top new resources for materials characterization research

Exclusive interviews, new methods, free downloads and much more to help advance materials characterization research and development

20 Aug 2020

As part of this month's special feature, we take a look at some of the latest technologies, resources and techniques advancing materials characterization research and development. Learn how to optimize your SEM process with color, discover how microscopy can help you meet your coating characterization goals, find out 5 key criteria you need to know to enhance your Raman results, and much more.

Scanning electron microscopy: Explore the hidden microscopic world with colorized SEM

Discover the true potential of scanning electron microscopy and how technological advances are enabling researchers to explore samples in greater detail than ever before, thanks to instantaneous elemental compositional information in the form of high-fidelity, live color images from Thermo Fisher Scientific.


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Coatings: How to achieve your characterization goals with microscopy

In this white paper from ZEISS, learn how correlated microscopy techniques, including confocal microscopy and FIB-SEM, help you achieve superior coating characterization, whilst maintaining quality and performance. 


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Ceramics: 8 key facts you need to know

Gain basic advanced ceramics knowledge with this poster from Buchi and discover their many applications and properties, plus composite forming, granulation processes, and what determines particle morphology.


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Gluten-free: MDRS for precise characterization of starch and protein

Find out how the MDRS system from Malvern Panalytical helped researchers effectively characterize the particle size and shape of flour products, differentiating their chemical identities to generate reliable results. 


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Raman microscopy: 5 key criteria for optimized results

Discover the five essentials for high-quality Raman microscopy, and find out more about correlative methods and application examples in this white paper from WITec GmbH.


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Piezoresponse: How to achieve optimum ferroelectric domain characterization

Find out how piezoelectric force microscopy (PFM) can effectively visualize domains with high spatial resolution and learn to stabilize resonance-enhanced piezoresponse using DFRT from Park Systems.


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FlowCam: The next-generation particle analyzer

Characterize your particles, don’t just count them. Increase your productivity with the FlowCam from Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies, providing reliable high-resolution images to deliver optimum results fast.


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More exclusive interviews:

Fast, reliable and live characterization of materials using novel color technology: Find out why combining SEM and EDS into a single new tool has materials scientists excited. Read Article>>

Improving energy storage: What makes the perfect battery? Learn about the latest methods advancing battery material research in this interview with Dr. Zhenyu Zhang, UCL. Read Article>>

Operating SEM-EDS in a regulated environment: Learn how SEM-EDS users work closely with IT and quality managers to generate and implement standard operating procedures that abide by regulations such as 21 CFR part 11 and Annex 11. Watch Webinar>>

Nanotrap particles offer a simple and rapid way to concentrate extracellular vesicles and exosomes: Here, Dr. Clifton Ray discusses the potential of Nanotrap particles to advance extracellular vesicle research, and how his team is using them to break down barriers in isolation, screening, and disease diagnostics. Read Article>>

Improving hydrogen storage in the quest to reach ‘net zero’: Here, Award-winning UK scientist Dr. Lui Terry discusses how his pioneering work on nanoconfinement could help advance the global transition to cleaner energy. Read Article>>

Gas hydrates: A new hope for sustainable energy: Learn about the promising new applications of gas hydrates for sustainable energy and separative technologies. Watch Webinar>>

Other materials characterization resources:

NIR spectroscopy eBook: In this SelectScience application eBook, we cover: the basic principles of how NIR spectroscopy works; the benefits of this technique over traditional alternatives; selected application examples in several key industries; a detailed evaluation of the cost savings and the impact on data integrity. Download eBook>>

Atomic force microscopy: In this application note by Park Systems, the performance of the Park NX-Hivac atomic force microscope (AFM) was reviewed for SSRM and SCM applications. Download guide>>

How to Buy Liquid Chromatography Systems: This guide will walk you through the aspects you need consider when choosing the right LC system for your lab. Download guide>>

How to Buy Mass Spectrometers: Learn about key factors and application considerations when buying a new mass spectrometer, and read impartial user reviews to help you to purchase with confidence. Download eBook>>

Particle size analysis: In this case study, Justin Hoover, Quality Manager at Metals and Additives LLC, discusses the company’s requirement for an instrument that was more efficient, versatile and accurate for particle size analysis. Download case study>>

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Take a look at what other researchers and scientists all over the world are saying about the latest equipment and technologies in materials characterization. Jon Loftus, from the University of Notre Dame shared his opinion on the FlowCam® 8000 by Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.

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