SelectScience How-to-Buy eBooks

Whether you're looking to buy laboratory equipment or you just want to find out more about a particular scientific application, SelectScience's comprehensive How-to-Buy eBooks offer all the information you need to make informed purchasing decisions. From cutting-edge techniques and technologies to applications, methods, trusted reviews and future trends, these exclusive guides are your complete reference source for the latest laboratory equipment.

Hematology Analyzers & Stainers

What you’ll learn: Discover the latest technologies for clinical hematology analysis, plus top purchasing tips from ind

Microplate Readers

What you’ll learn: This guide explains the wide variety of microplate readers on the market, and describes the differen

Pre-Clinical and Clinical Lab Automation

What you’ll learn: Top tips and important considerations when choosing automated solutions for your clinical laboratory.

Liquid Handling

What you’ll learn: All the information you should consider when selecting the best pipettes or automated liquid handling systems.

Water Purification

What you’ll learn: Water is a vital resource in the operation of all laboratories. This guide provides the information you should consider when selecting a new water purification system for your laboratory.


What you’ll learn: New microscopy techniques are continually developing as solutions to imaging problems. Use this guide to investigate the possibilities of microscopy instrumentation.

UV/Vis Spectrophotometers

What you’ll learn: A guide to all the key considerations when purchasing the best UV/Vis spectrophotometer for your lab’s needs.

PCR Technology

What you’ll learn: PCR has evolved far beyond simple amplification and detection. This guide provides an overview of the key technologies, including real-time, quantitative, and digital PCR.

Next Generation Sequencing

What you’ll Learn: Next Generation Sequencing technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace. Learn about each of the

Mass Spectrometry

What you’ll Learn: Mass spectrometry is a powerful analytical tool; learn about common configurations, key application areas and different factors to consider when purchasing a system.

Liquid Chromatography

What you’ll Learn: LC systems are essential for the separation, identification and purification of compounds. This guide reveals what to consider when purchasing a system for your lab.

Clinical Chemistry Analyzers

What you’ll learn: This eBook presents the different types of clinical chemistry analyzers, laboratory integration, poi

Flow Cytometry for Screening

What you’ll learn: Discover the best flow cytometry equipment for drug discovery and screening applications

Multiplexing Technology

What you’ll learn: This eBook presents the top multiplexing technologies, ranging from bead-based assays to solid-phase microarrays.

Biophysical Characterization Technology

What you’ll learn: Top tips for choosing between SPR, BLI, ITC and MST technologies when quantifying biomolecular inter

Cell Imaging

What you’ll learn: Find useful resources and application-based case studies to help simplify your choice when it comes to purchasing your next cell imager.

HPLC Columns

What you’ll learn: In this HPLC column buying guide, discover the key factors and application considerations when looki

GC Columns

What you’ll learn: This eBook provides you with all the information you need to help you to make the right decision on a GC column, based on your applications.

DNA and RNA Purification and Analysis

What you’ll learn: Purification and quantification of DNA and RNA are essential for key downstream applications in life

Immunoassay Analyzers

What you’ll Learn: Learn about the different types of immunoassay technology, automation options, disease state assays and other important considerations in this essential guide.

Blood Bank Analyzers

What you’ll Learn: Automation is improving the safety and efficiency of transfusion and helping to standardize work practices. This guide will ensure you choose the most suitable analyzer for your lab.