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How to Buy Multiplexing Technology

13 Dec 2022
Cameron Smith
Associate Editor

Multiplexing is the process of measuring multiple analytes simultaneously from a single sample in a single experimental run. In this fifth edition eBook, we present the relative advantages of numerous multiplexing platforms and their principal chemistries so you can make an informed decision on the best choice for your laboratory.

Choose the best multiplexing technology for your lab

How to buy multiplexing technology

Download the fifth edition SelectScience How to Buy Multiplexing Technology eBook to find out more about:

  • What is multiplexing?

  • The multiplexing workflow

  • Types of multiplexing platforms

  • xMAP® by Luminex

  • Simple Plex by ProteinSimple

  • V-PLEX by MSD

  • Simoa® by Quanterix

  • nCounter by Nanostring

  • FirePlex by Abcam

  • Proximity Extension Assays by Olink

  • Barcoded magnetic beads by Applied BioCode