Trends in Drug Discovery & Development: March 2019

Expert interviews on a novel target for glioblastoma, new approach to Alzheimer’s disease therapy, mapping tumors at the molecular level and more

31 Mar 2019
Sarah Thomas
Associate Editor

In March, the SelectScience Drug Discovery & Development community saw the release of our 2019 microplate reader eBook and the launch of a new compendium for cell culture workflows, as well as an interview with neuroscientist Dr. C.J. Barnum, INmune Bio Inc., about a novel approach to Alzheimer’s disease therapy and expert insight on assay development. Read on for our highlights of the month.

Download the new SelectScience guide to microplate readers

Your Guide to Microplate Reader Technology: 8th Edition

Our latest How to Buy Microplate Readers eBook covers some of the latest technologies available on the market, new applications and top tips on what to look for when you come to purchase your next microplate reader. Download our guide to microplate readers.

NEW! Ultimate Cell Culture Workflow Compendium

This popular new application compendium highlights several examples of effective cell culture preparation steps, experimental protocols, and subsequent analysis. Download the compendium.

A Novel, Non-Amyloid Approach to Alzheimer’s Therapy

Immunology-focused pharma company INmune Bio is set to start first-in-man clinical trials with a promising anti-TNF compound that could revolutionize the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related symptoms. Read the interview with Dr. C.J. Barnum, Director of Neuroscience and Translational Research, INmune Bio Inc. Plus, visit our Neurodegenerative Diseases Special Feature to learn more about the research and technologies advancing this field.

Prof. Josephine Bunch is using mass spectrometry to explore the molecular make-up of tumors

Mapping the Unknown: How Mass Spec is Taking Us Deep Inside Tumors

Learn how innovative mass spectrometry techniques are enabling scientists to explore the molecular make-up of tumors — opening the way to better drug efficacy and new treatment strategies. Read the interview with Prof. Josephine Bunch, from the National Physical Laboratory.

Meet the Demands of Assay Development

We spoke to applications specialist Andrea Krumm to learn about BMG LABTECH’s new microplate reader, the CLARIOstar Plus, and to find out her top three tips for improving assay development process. Read Andrea’s top tips for assay development.

A Novel Target to Inhibit Glioblastoma Invasion

Dr. Aleksandra Dukic describes her work investigating a novel target for inhibiting glioblastoma cancer invasion

Dr. Aleksandra Dukic, postdoctoral researcher, Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital, shared her research on a novel target for inhibiting glioblastoma cancer invasion into surrounding brain tissue and the importance of this work in addressing the need for innovative therapeutics to combat this aggressive cancer. Watch the video on The Scientists' Channel.

Winners Revealed: The Liquid Handling and Analytical Science Products You Voted For

During a special Scientists' Choice Awards celebration at Pittcon 2019, we revealed winners of the awards for best new general lab, separations and spectroscopy products of 2018, as voted for by scientists around the world. We also honored the most popular content from the analytical science community over the past year, including an interview with Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Dr. Richard Henderson, on the importance of cryo-electron microscopy for the pharmaceutical industry.

Read more about the Scientists' Choice Awards presented at Pittcon 2019, learn about some of the hottest technologies launched at the event, and hear more about the latest research and technologies presented at Pittcon 2019 on our dedicated webpage.

Your Opinion Matters: Latest Reviews about the Lab Technology You Use

Each month, scientists around the world share their experiences of the technologies advancing drug discovery research, from basic research to manufacturing. Read their reviews in our product directory or share your opinion to help your peers by writing your own review today.

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