Laboratory Best Practices to Keep You Safe: 3 Essential Downloads

Find out how to improve the set-up of your biological safety cabinet for effective and safe experiments

30 Jun 2021
Sarah Thomas
Associate Editor

Biosafety cabinets provide protection to you, your experiment and the environment. Both set-up and technique are important to minimize air turbulence and prevent splatter or unwanted spread of aerosols, helping to prevent contamination of your samples. Organizing your workspace to be ergonomically correct can also help improve the efficiency of your lab work while reducing physical strain and awkward postures — making your working environment more comfortable.

Here we present best practices from NuAire, Inc., to help you improve the set-up of your safety cabinet so that you can work safely and ergonomically.

Are you working ergonomically?

Discover the best ways to use your lab station in this download.

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10 safety tips for your cabinet

Learn how to perform proper aseptic technique in this infographic.

Download infographic

Your safety is not an option

Learn about NuAire’s improved principles of safety in this download.

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Learn more about NuAire biosafety cabinets and discover downloads to help you improve your laboratory practices.