Centrifuges are used to separate particulates suspended in a liquid via the application of a centrifugal force including cells, macromolecules, nanoparticles and precipitates. Centrifuges come in three sizes: microcentrifuges, benchtop and floor-standing centrifuges, depending on the volume and number of samples that require separation. When choosing a centrifuge, consider its maximum separation power indicated by its relative centrifugal force (RCF) value. Low force centrifuges reach a maximum RCF of 8,000 g, high-force centrifuges can reach maximum RCF values of 80,000 g. For extremely high forces, consider ultracentrifuges (up to 800,000 g). Refrigerated and vacuum centrifuges also known as concentrators are available for more specialized applications. A range of volumes are available for centrifuge tubes and microfuge tubes, depending on sample sizes. Find the best centrifuges in our peer-reviewed product directory: compare products, check customer reviews and receive pricing direct from manufacturers.