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Application Note: Utilizing Automated Imaging and Advanced 3D Cell Culture Techniques to Quantify Apoptosis Activity
5 April 2017

Apoptosis, or programmed cell death, is essential for normal development and homeostasis of all multicellular organisms, and is, in fact, a key research tool in the fight against cancer. Yet a challenge remains when culturing cell models, including those of human origin, for use in apoptosis studies. Newer three-dimensional (3D) methods encourage cell-cell and cell matrix interactions and allow cell morphology and behavior to more closely mimic that found in the body. These 3D cell culture models are particularly beneficial for investigating mechanistic processes and drug resistance in tumor cells. This application note demonstrates the utility of a novel 3D spheroid cell culture model, Elplasia®, used to elucidate the apoptotic potential of two compounds in two different cell lines.