Application Note: Large Volume Splitless Injection Using an Unmodified Split/Splitless Inlet and GC-TOFMS for Pesticides and Brominated Flame Retardants
6 November 2012

Large volume splitless injection for gas chromatography typically requires a special injection port, for example, a programmable temperature vaporizer (PTV), but an alternative setup using concurrent solvent recondensation–large volume splitless injection (CSR-LVSI) and a split/splitless injection port has been reported. In this application note from Restek the CSR-LVSI technique, both with and without sample extract concentration, was used to analyze pesticides and brominated flame retardants in drinking water. When extract concentration was eliminated, good linearity and recovery results were obtained while sample preparation time was reduced by over 1 hour. CSR-LVSI was also combined with extract concentration to achieve lower detection limits.