Application Note: Ribbon Biolabs synthesizes long & complex DNA molecules with its InfiniSynth platform
20 December 2023

Synthetic biology is among the fastest growing fields of research with potential in industrial and health applications. It is heavily constrained by the ability to synthesize DNA, especially long and complex sequences such as GC-rich and repetitive motifs. This unmet need is exemplified by the increasing demand for large plasmids and expression vectors required for the development and production of complex biologics like bi-specific antibodies, fusion proteins and large payloads in gene therapy. In this application note, Ribbon Biolabs details its novel approach to lift this technological limitation by combining computational and combinatorial optimisation approaches with automation and enzymatic assembly which constitute its proprietary InfiniSynth™ platform. InfiniSynth allows for deep analyses of long DNA sequences to provide optimized assembly strategies that enable the fully automated generation of long DNA fragments. The platform has been successfully applied to both ultra-complex sequences, as well as long DNA molecules >20 kbp in length.