Application eBook: Microplate-based cellular assays and their detection
4 July 2022

There is an almost dizzying range of cell-based assays now available such that researchers can find it challenging to select the right measurement technology for their needs, and to stay informed about current trends and new technology options. Microplate readers and their add-ons can provide a valuable alternative to microscopes for researchers and drug developers looking to get the best results quickly, and in real time, at an affordable cost.

This eBook explores different applications supported by cell-based assays to support you in selecting the right ones, and to demonstrate where microplate readers could provide value to your workflow.

Download for content including:

  • Transfection efficiency
  • Expression and regulation of BRET donor-labelled proteins
  • Real-time measurement of viral gene expression
  • Cell viability and apoptosis assays
  • Viral cytopathic effects
  • Versatility in long term cell-based assays
  • Real-time calcium flux measurements
  • GPCR activation measurements
  • Phospho-ERK1/2 assay
  • Analysis of cell migration
  • Assay detects residual NSAIDs
  • Ischemia-reperfusion conditions