Product Brochure: Countstar Castor S1 high-throughput 3D cell analyzer
27 November 2023

With the emergence of organoids as a potential alternative to model human tissue, interest in how these 3D structures react to their environment is growing among the research and biopharmaceutical community. In this product brochure, ALIT LifeTech Inc. presents the Countstar® Caster S1, a high-throughput image analyzer that enables high-content analysis of thousands of organoids simultaneously. It is equipped with advanced optical technologies with Z-scanning feature, and AI-based image recognition algorithms, ensuring high-quality images and accurate image processing. Software with an intuitive user interface provides a comprehensive suite of data analysis tools, simplifying data review of large data set. The Countstar Castor S1 can be used for many high-throughput organoid-based assays, including features to perform tailored applications, such as organoid culture quality, drug-response test, organoid viability, and cytotoxicity analysis for co-culture assay with immune cells.