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Coupling organ-on-a-chip & multimode plate readers: Real-time assessment of snake venom toxicity on a 3D blood vessel model

17 March 2023

Organ-on-a-chip is an emerging technology that is designed to accurately represent the human body, capture the complexity of disease processes, and monitor the response to potential treatments. 

In this presentation, Dr. Bas Trietsch, CTO and co-founder of MIMETAS, outlines the potential of a single integrated workflow combining the OrganoPlate® organ-on-a-chip platform and the Tecan Spark® Cyto plate reader to provide high-throughput, scalability, and high-resolution image and data acquisition.

Here, Trietsch illustrates how this approach can be used to perform functional assessment of bioactive substances, using the real-time investigation of snake venom toxicity as a case study.

This talk was presented, in partnership with Tecan, at SLAS2023.