Characterize your Biologic like a Boss with Stunner
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The Problem
Quantification and sizing are essential parts of protein characterization. Old school ways are one-by-one and only provide answers on one or the other, resulting in more precious sample and hands-on time required to get all the data you need. Not to mention the extra time it takes to combine and analyze results from multiple instruments.

The Solution
Stunner is the only platform that pairs up intelligent, short-length UV/Vis with rotating angle DLS (RADLS) to give sizing, aggregation detection and protein quantification in under two minutes from only 2 µL.

The Proof
In this webinar, Nelis Denys, Market Manager at Unchained Labs will explain how Stunner measures proteins and ADCs, detects aggregates anytime you want and gives you information on molecular weight and colloidal stability. Nelis will also cover some real-life results of how RADLS on Stunner provides protein quant, size, PDI, aggregation and molecular weight. See how Stunner provides quick QC checks to make sure every sample is good to go.

Key learning objectives

  • Learn how to measure protein quant and sizing, fast, with as little as 2 µL
  • Explore how to gain information on molecular weight and determine aggregation early with advanced light scattering
  • Understand how to quantitate labelling efficiency of an ADC
  • Discover how to assess colloidal stability through B22 kD

Who should attend?

  • Biology researchers working on protein therapeutics, industrial downstream biotech – CMO, scientists, senior scientists, directors of assay/analytical development, VPs of protein/biologics products, directors of QC

Certificate of attendance
All webinar participants can request a certificate of attendance, including a learning outcomes summary, for continuing education purposes.

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