Top List: Your Guide to AACC 2015

Make the most of your time at the show with these exciting new technologies and scientific program highlights

27 Jul 2015

Exciting new technologies and scientific program highlights

SelectScience will be at AACC 2015 to bring you the latest research, field-changing technology and insights into global leaders in clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics and other areas of breaking science in laboratory medicine. Read on for our essential guide to this year's conference.

1. Booth 1409: Siemens Showcases New Clinical and Workflow IVD Solutions

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics will reveal its latest in vitro diagnostic solutions, including the recently FDA-cleared ADVIA Centaur XPT Immunoassay System. The booth will highlight how Siemens’ customers around the world are achieving their clinical and workflow goals.

2. Booth 1527: LC-MS Success with Waters; Helping Deliver Breakthroughs in the Laboratory 

As a leading clinical LC-MS/MS solutions partner, Waters is a trusted provider of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, consumables, informatics and support services for high performance LC-MS/MS systems. Discover its high performance LC-MS/MS systems, consumables, informatics and support services, available to clinical diagnostic laboratories.

3. Booth 4945: Alere to Showcase the New Alere™ i Molecular Platform and Bedside Blood Gas Testing with the epoc® System 

Visit Booth 4945 to find out more about the Alere™ i Molecular Platform and the epoc® Blood Analysis System, which will both feature in the AACC New Product Showcase. Alere™ i is a rapid, instrument-based, isothermal system for the qualitative detection of infectious diseases, while the epoc® Blood Analysis System produces blood gases and electrolytes in around 30 seconds, and is the only wireless bedside testing solution to use SmartCard technology. 

4. Booth 4564: AACC OEM Lecture Series: Anteo Technologies has the Potential to Pre-Treat Patient Specimens Worldwide and Decrease Global Healthcare Costs 

Find out how Anteo Technologies' Mix&Go™ nanoglue can be used to pre-treat clinical samples and deplete interference, reducing erroneous results that impact patient care.

5. Booth 1018: EKF Diagnostics to Showcase Comprehensive Clinical Chemistry Range at AACC 2015

EKF Diagnostics, is expanding its Stanbio clinical chemistry range and is showcasing  a large selection of clinical chemistry assays, controls and calibrators, which are fully compatible with most major brand open channel chemistry analyzers. Products include the latest additions to its Stanbio range of liquid-stable clinical chemistry reagents, Liquicolor® and Liqui-UV®, which are designed for maximum stability and ease of use.

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