Top List: What’s New in Biopharmaceutical Research?

Discover the latest technologies advancing biopharmaceutical analysis

26 Feb 2016

Download methods and watch videos about the latest technologies for biopharmaceutical analysis

Discover the new technologies to improve your biopharmaceutical analysis workflow with the latest application notes, videos and articles on SelectScience®.

1. Editorial Article: Biopharmaceutical Method Transfer in Regulated Environments

SelectScience® spoke to Kevin McCowen, Associate Scientist at CMO Ajinomoto Althea, Inc., about how the Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ UHPLC System is enabling novel solutions to challenging problems. Read more >>


2. Application Note: Liquid Handling: Become a Pipetting Expert 

Pipetting like a pro can be more complex than it seems. Stay on top of your most difficult pipetting tasks and have consistent and reproducible results with these tips and tricks from Eppendorf. Download the application note>>


3. Application Note: A Universal LB-MSIA Workflow using Freedom EVO Platform for the Quantitative Analysis of Intact Therapeutic Antibodies of Different Allotype Subclasses

Discover the effectiveness of Thermo Scientific™ enhanced capacity MSIA™ Streptavidin EVO Microcolumns from Thermo Fisher Scientific for quantitatively analyzing therapeutic mAbs of different allotype subclasses. Download the application note>>


4. Video: New Shimadzu LCMS-8060 Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer Launched

Shimadzu’s LCMS-8060 pushes the limits of LC/MS/MS quantitation, detecting substances at ultra-trace levels in complex matrices and at the smallest sample concentrations. Watch the video>>


5. Product: Easy and Rapid Analysis of Protein Stability using the Prometheus NT.48

The Prometheus NT.48 from NanoTemper Technologies is based on advanced Differential Scanning Fluorimetry technology and measures protein stability with ultra-high resolution and easy sample handling. Read more>>


6. Application Note: Dye - and Probe-based qPCR – Using the 0.5 to 20 µL Liquidator™ 96 from Rainin

qPCR is a common technique for detecting and quantifying nucleic acid templates in complex samples. Discover how Rainin’s Liquidator™ 96 pipetting system facilitates qPCR in this download. Download the application note>>


7. Video: VARIO® Vacuum Chemistry Pump PC 3001 VARIOpro 

Pump operation only when required — the VARIO® chemistry pumping unit from VACUUBRAND optimizes vacuum conditions automatically and precisely, saving energy and reducing maintenance. Watch the video>>


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