Top List: Trending in Analytical Chemistry: 6 HPLC systems rated by you

Are you wondering which HPLC instrument is right for your lab? Discover 6 HPLC systems our scientists love using in their analytical work

04 Oct 2022

Best HPLC systems

1. Gilson VERITY 271 HPLC System 

Gilson VERITY 271 HPLC system
Gilson VERITY 271 HPLC system 

The Gilson VERITY 271 HPLC system has been designed with mid-size capacity and throughput to provide hundreds of configurations for semi-preparative and preparative purifications. All system configurations accommodate novel injection and fraction collection capabilities within a single platform, with multiple detection options. 

Our scientists say:

  • “Great result with great support.”
  • "After sales service is also very good and system is good value for money."

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2. Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Duo UHPLC System for Dual LC

Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Duo UHPLC System for Dual LC
Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Duo UHPLC System for Dual LC

The Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Duo UHPLC System for Dual LC has been designed to improve your productivity, double your throughput, and deepen your sample knowledge for a faster return on investment. This system uses a separate second flow path in one integrated system, so that you can run the same method on both flow paths or two different methods simultaneously on one instrument to improve lab productivity and bench space usage.

Our scientists say:

  • “These workflows improve your productivity by saving time, reducing cost per sample, increasing capacity without added bench, and using your resources more efficiently."
  • “Full compliance, precise, dependable results and cost & time savings.”
  • “The best UHPLC system I have ever used. The precision of retention time is guaranteed. Best specificity and accuracy.”

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3. Nexera 40 Series UHPLC

Nexera 40 Series UHPLC by Shimadzu
Nexera 40 Series UHPLC by Shimadzu

Shimadzu's Nexera UHPLC series has been designed to maximize reliability and uptime with fully unattended workflows that span from start up to shut down. Interestingly, operators can set the Nexera to start up at a specified time, so that it can complete auto-purge, equilibration, baseline checks and system suitability in advance, and even be ready for analysis before they arrive at the lab. Plus, the Nexera also has auto-diagnostics and auto-recovery capabilities that allow it to monitor pressure fluctuations to check for anomalies.

Our scientists say:

  • “A valuable asset for our analytical lab.”
  • “The UHPLC by Shimadzu is an excellent analytical system for quantitative estimation of chemical constituents in the food, plant and animal samples.”
  • “Great results and high performance.”

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4. Altus HPLC

Altus™ HPLC platform by PerkinElmer
Altus™ HPLC platform by PerkinElmer

The Altus™ HPLC platform from PerkinElmer delivers exceptional results on what you need most, which is quick and easy analytical workflows without the hassle. This easy-to-use HPLC platform offers trouble-free operation that is ideal for daily analysis, while also delivering a large sample capacity, automated fluid handling, and temperature control with built-in forced-air recirculation for a stable environment.

Our scientists say:

  • “Great new version of tried and tested HPLC system.”
  • “Perfect instrument for all biochemists.”

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5. Hitachi LaChrom Elite® HPLC System

LaChrom Elite® HPLC System by Hitachi
LaChrom Elite® HPLC System by Hitachi

Designed to meet the challenges of today's laboratory environment, fast results and demanding workload, the LaChrom Elite® couples automated tasks with an innovative design. This system is controlled by Empower™ 2 software to facilitate regulatory compliance. The system also features a built-in degasser, programmable wavelength switching, and solvent pre-heating and cooling. 

Our scientists say:

  • “I love Elite LaChrom HPLC.”
  • “The Hitachi LaChrom Elite is a truly robust system. It requires very little maintenance compared to other HPLC systems.”
  • “Very reliable apparatus and user friendly. Good balance between quality and cost.” 

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6. Waters Alliance® HPLC System

Alliance™ HPLC System by Waters 
Alliance™ HPLC System by Waters 

The Alliance™ HPLC System from Waters is the flexible and reliable system that has been developed to meet your fundamental HPLC separation requirements. Overtime, this system has been continually perfected to accommodate the range of real-world analytical challenges. Whether your lab analyzes samples in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food safety, or quality control arenas, the Alliance HPLC system offers a field-proven solution. 

Our scientists say:

  • “Amazing results in the QC tests like assay and related substances.”
  • “Results are very reproducible for qualitative and quantitative analysis.”
  • "Very robust, powerful, flexible, and reliable equipment. aligned with Waters system's robustness allowing good and flexible applications.”

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HPLC accessories we love

Raptor Polar X LC Columns 

Raptor Polar X LC Columns
Raptor Polar X LC Columns by Restek

Restek have developed the Raptor Polar X LC Columns, designed to reliably analyze a wide variety of polar analytes (acidic, basic, and neutral) without the need for time-consuming derivatization or complex ion pairing. In addition, these columns can switch between HILIC and ion-exchange retention modes with simple mobile phase changes and short equilibration times, and are ideal for those wanting to increase sensitivity and selectivity in their LC-MS analyses. Plus, these columns are combined with 2.7 μm Raptor core-shell particles to provide UHPLC-like speed and efficiency on all makes and models of LC systems.

Our scientists say:

  • "Much better laboratory routine, better method reproducibility, better result in less time"
  • "Restek polar X column are the most suitable LC columns for amino acid analysis. It has balanced selectivity with HILIC and ion exchanges and analysis of polar compounds."
  • "These columns are well worth the price. They hardly ever give any problems. They are easy to change also. I would recommend them to anyone wanting precise results for LC-MS sampling."

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SecurityGuard Standard HPLC

SecurityGuard Standard HPLC from Phenomenex
SecurityGuard Standard HPLC by Phenomenex 

The SecurityGuard Standard HPLC from Phenomenex is designed to fit any manufacturers’ standard HPLC column, making it an ultimate HPLC Guard Column. This system can extend the lifetime of your 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm, 3.2 mm, 4.6 mm, and 7.8mm ID column by effectively capturing sample contaminants, that can cause an increase in backpressure and effect baseline noise. The instrument is compatible with most other HPLC columns, easy to use, and won’t alter chromatography.

Our scientists say:

  • “An essential product in our lab.”
  • “These filters have probably saved our columns from going bad very quickly. Easy to use.”
  • “These Securityguard cartridges are an essential in our lab. They extend the life of our columns and are easy to install.”

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