Top List: Top Tips for Optimizing Your Centrifuge Performance

Learn how to make the most of your centrifuge

29 Sep 2016

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Centrifuges are key instruments in most laboratories, learn how to choose the right centrifuge for your application and how you can achieve the best performance for your experiments. Plus, learn how NuAire Inc.’s latest centrifuge range is designed to improve your laboratory workflow. 


1. Choose the Right Centrifuge for Your Laboratory

This comprehensive guide from NuAire Inc. explains what look out for when choosing a centrifuge, from the ease and versatility of operation to the accessories available to expand the capability of your centrifuge. Download the guide>>


2. Optimizing Centrifuge Performance

Discover key considerations when purchasing the right centrifuge for your application, taking in to account the speed, materials and sample quantity. Download the white paper>>


3. Multi-Application NuWind Benchtop Centrifuges from NuAire 

Learn about the unique features of the NuWind Benchtop Centrifuges, including easy initial startup, touchscreen display and Click-Spin technology that allows rotors to be changed in seconds – ideal for multi-application use in cell culture, clinical, and more. Watch the video>>


NuWind Multi-Application Bench Top Refrigerated Centrifuge (NuAire)


"The NuWind bench top refrigerated centrifuge is a uniquely designed, quiet, user friendly addition to our lab. I love the capacity for 50 and 15 ml tubes, the touchscreen technology and the way it lets you know with a green check that your run has ended. It is programmable for different runs and the rotor easily changeable. I would definitely recommend this quality bench top centrifuge for the lab." Kim Ahrens, University of Florida

Write a review about the NuWind Multi-Application Bench Top Refrigerated Centrifuge>>



Check out the range of centrifuges available from NuAire, Inc.  here.


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