Top List: The Latest Cell Biology News, Techniques and Technology

Discover the most exciting new developments in cell biology research this month

23 Feb 2016

From cell culture essentials to novel assay screening methodologies and advanced imaging technology, SelectScience’s Cell Biology Special Feature has all the latest information. Read on to learn about this month’s highlights.

1. 3D Cell Assays: Effective Assay Screening with Cultured 3D Cell Clusters

Watch this video to learn about the sophisticated 3D culture assay screening process at Likarda in this interview with President and CEO, Dr Lisa Stehno-Bittel.

2. Automated Assays: High Throughput Imaging and Analysis of a Novel Comet Assay

Download this article to see how BioTek's Cytation 5 enables fast, accurate quantification and imaging of mammalian cells, in combination with a novel DNA damage assay. 

3. Immunoasssays: Improved Performance with Conversion from ELISA to an Erenna® Immunoassay

Read this article to learn how EMD Millipore's plate-based SMC technology can enhance your immunoassays, using lower sample volumes with improved sensitivity and easy conversion from ELISA formats.

4. Microscopy: Streamline Your Cell Culture with the Olympus CKX53 Inverted Microscope

Discover how the Olympus CKX53 Inverted Microscope for cell culture combines novel phase technology with high quality imaging and is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

5. 3D Cell Culture: Is the Time Right for High Throughput 3D Cell Culture Assays?

Find out how Corning's spheroid microplates can facilitate your transition from 2D to 3D culture, with tips for cell preparation, seeding and maintenance.

6. NanoBRET Assay: Enhance Monitoring of Ligand Binding to GPCRs in Live Cells

Learn how BMG LABTECH's CLARIOstar® and the PHERAstar FS microplate readers combine with bioluminescent ligand binding assays to enhance sensitivity for monitoring receptor binding in vitro.

7. Cytokine Assay: The Role of Multiplex Assays in Analyzing the Cytokine Storm

Read how Luminex xMAP technology can be used in multiplex assays for reproducible, fast and sensitive identification of cytokines from small sample volumes.

8. In Vivo Microscopy: Fluorescence Imaging of Angiogenic Vessels in an Animal Model

See how the iBox Explorer2 Imaging Microscope from UVP, LLC enables qualitative and quantitative, high quality imaging of angiogenic blood vessel changes in a liver cancer mouse model.


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