Top List: Most Watched Clinical Videos this Month

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27 Jul 2015

Watch the most viewed clinical videos this month to learn more about the MedTest BS-480 Ensemble for clinical chemistry testing; use of GC-MS in disease diagnosis; XN-Series Sysmex hematology analyzers and the use of MS to analyse skin lesions in Melanoma patients.

1. MedTest Presents BS-480 ENSEMBLE

The MedTest BS-480 Ensemble brings together everything your mid-volume laboratory needs to perform clinical chemistry testing


2. Disease Diagnosis Using Thermal Desorption-Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry

Researchers at the University of Warwick have taken high tech gas sensors normally used to test components for premium cars and applied the same techniques to human blood, human urine, and even cow dung samples


3. XN-Series - Tailoring Your Haematology

Learn how the innovative XN-Series from Sysmex allows complete adaptability and flexibility to design your workflow for tailored lab management


4. Metabolomic Analysis of Skin Lesions for Melanoma by Mass Spectrometry

In this video, Michael Costanzo from the University of Florida, summarizes a presentation about research into metabolomic analysis of skin lesions for melanoma by Mass Spectrometry