Top List: Most Recent Clinical Reviews: Do You Agree?

The latest reviews written for clinical products in the SelectScience® directory

18 Mar 2016

Clinical lab professionals leave reviews on the products that they are using, to help their peers make informed buying decisions 

Clinical scientists and healthcare professionals are reviewing products daily. This article highlights some of the most recent reviews left on SelectScience®. Do you agree with the feedback? Let us know by leaving your own review.

1. epoc® Blood Analysis System, Alere International  

"Our Alere EPOC blood gas system has made it much easier to provide accurate timely results. By running the quality check on each card prior to blood insertion, you do not lose as many samples like with other types of point of care products. Fast and reliable EPOC is a fantastic product. Among its many attributes, the fact that one card allows you to perform most tests was a major selling point. Alere provides amazing after purchase support, and our Alere rep is available any time we need her."

Regan Gray, Jackson Hospital and Clinic

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2. MALDI Biotyper, Bruker Daltonics 

"Very efficient, fast, accurate, user friendly and will recommend to any clinical and research lab. working on microbial identification, quality control and research "

Paramjit Kashyap, CSIR-IMTECH, Sec. 39A, Chandigarh, India

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3. BS-200 Chemistry Analyzer, MedTest 

"The analyzer is very user friendly. The service that we received during installation was wonderful. Very knowledgeable installation techs. We have had a few issues with the analyzer and the service from Kevin Johns has been great. He is extremely helpful. The students also find the analyzer easy to use. The results are reliable."

Rebbecca Silva, New England Institute of Technology

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4. Alere i, Alere International 

"This is an extremely easy instrument to set up and run. The results are all read by the instrument to take out human error reading the pink lines associated with a lot of influenza kits. The sensitivities are excellent and surpass what we used before."

Lance Derksen, Mercy Hospital

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5. Piccolo Xpress®, Abaxis 

"Some products are difficult to use and the after care is sometime cumbersome waiting on the phone all day. We are happy with this product and its ease of use. We are also happy with the after sales care. "

Zachary Malveaux, Altus Baytown hospital

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6. cobas c111 Analyzer, cobas – Roche 

"Produces high quality results. Maintenance is very simple and has very few breakdowns."

Flavian Josiah, Namibia Institute of Pathology

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