SelectScience Interview: Revealed: The new electrolyte analyzer designed to simplify diagnostic workflows and improve lab efficiency

Dr. Dimitris Giantzoudis highlights first-class analytical performance, high reproducibility and exceptional usability among this state-of-the-art instrument’s multiple benefits

09 Dec 2019

Ahead of its official launch in February, SelectScience hears from Dr. Dimitris Giantzoudis about the user-friendly features of Erba Mannheim’s new EC 90 electrolyte analyzer and what sets it apart from conventional electrolyte analyzers. 

Giantzoudis also discusses how he hopes the EC 90 will solve common problems in laboratories, bring peace of mind to healthcare professionals and lead to better patient care and outcomes.

Erba Mannaheim's new EC90 electrolyte analyzer
 Dr. Dimitris Giantzoudis, Global Product Manager Clinical Chemistry, and Suresh Vazirani, Founder of Erba Mannheim & Transasia Bio Medical Group, show off the new EC90 electrolyte analyzer

Q: Can you tell us about the new EC 90 electrolyte analyzer Erba Mannheim is launching?

DG: The EC 90 measures sodium, potassium, ionized calcium and chloride in; whole blood, plasma, serum, and diluted urine as well as other biological fluids and aqueous solutions. It utilizes cutting-edge sensor thick film technology and overall improves electrolyte testing in clinical settings.
It has been designed by our R&D team in Austria, one of the members of Erba group, who have a long experience in sensor development and microfluidics. The analyzer’s key features aim to optimize “ease of use” and overall customer satisfaction.




 Notable features of the EC 90's electrolyte analyzer are:
  • 8.5-inch touch screen
  • One-click analysis option
  • User-friendly software interface
  • Complete QC module
  • Bidirectional LIS capability
  • Remote connectivity 
  • Robust engineering and good-quality components


Q: Why is the EC 90 different from others available today?

DG: The key differentiator of this analyzer is the microfluidic sensor cartridge. The biosensor uses only 35 μL of sample and the results are reported in 35 seconds. The sensors are maintenance-free with industry-leading on-board stability of three months. The reference sensor is included in the cartridge and two-point calibration is automatically performed every 12 hours in addition to the low reagent consumption which makes each test more affordable. 
Finally, and most importantly, in my opinion, the system offers a first-class analytical performance. Reproducibility is much below 1% CV (percentage coefficient of variation) and this is very important for electrolyte testing since normally the electrolyte balance in our bodies is well regulated with minimal variation, rendering analytical precision of high importance.

The analyzer will improve laboratory and diagnostic efficiency, leading to better patient outcomes and treatments.

Dr. Dimitris Giantzoudis

Erba Mannheim

Q: What problems will the EC 90 solve for laboratories?

DG: Many laboratories experience difficulties when using ion-selective electrode (ISE) analyzers with traditional electrodes, as the electrodes require maintenance and must be replaced periodically. Additionally, failing electrodes can give erroneous results, interrupt workflows and are expensive to replace.
The EC 90 has only one plug-and-play consumable, no extra cleaning solutions are required, and the waste is self-contained. This analyzer will simplify daily routine and offer peace of mind to healthcare professionals with its state-of-the-art product features and result quality. The all-in-one consumable is also available in different sizes to match the needs of small, medium and large laboratories.


Q: How will this new technology impact patient care?

DG: With its impressive overall performance, the analyzer will improve laboratory and diagnostic efficiency, leading to better patient outcomes and treatments.

Q: Where and when will the EC 90 be available?

DG: The analyzer will be available in February with some additional options like the auto-sampler following later in the year. We are looking forward to its global success. Finally, I would like to give my special thanks to the R&D team for their invaluable contribution and continuous support.

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