Detecting scarce isoform-specific peptides using Next-Generation Protein Sequencing

20 Jun 2024

Disruptions in post-transcriptional mechanisms and post-translational modifications (PTMs) can result in the expression of aberrant proteoforms that can lead to a wide range of diseases, including cancer and tumor formation. Given the role of such protein variants in disease, there is an urgent need to identify disease-associated proteoforms to enable the development of proteoform-based biomarkers and therapies.

In this application note, understand how Dr. Gloria Sheynkman, Ph.D., and her team are using advanced analytical and computational approaches to investigate how proteoform variation underlies human disease. Learn how Next-Generation Protein Sequencing™ (NGPS) on the Quantum-Si Platinum® instrument serves as a powerful and complementary technology, enabling access to and interrogation of the full proteome.