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UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography
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PATROL UPLC Process Analysis System


Take control of your bottom line – get a better understanding of your process and your product. For the first time, bring automation and UPLC together for direct online connection to your process with Real-TIME LC. The PATROL UPLC Process Analysis System is specifically designed for in-process analysis, delivering simultaneous qualitative and quantitative information and allowing you to dynamically adjust and control your pro…

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Convergence Chromatography with the ACQUITY UPC² System Bring streamlined workflow, expanded selectivity, and an orthogonal technique to your laboratory. Convergence chromatography (CC) is a broad-based, complementary analytical platform that is taking its place alongside of LC and GC as one of the three essential separation technologies for modern laboratory analysis. This technique provides another, reliable choice as…

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ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System with HDX Technology


The ACQUITY UPLC® M-Class System with HDX Technology leverages UPLC® separations and high-resolution MS to answer important questions about changes in protein conformation including: Drug candidate binding to a protein Biopharmaceutical product development Protein-protein interactions Intellectual Property The unprecedented system-level design integrates all the steps necessary to accurately, reproducibly, and most o…

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