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VnmrJ 3.2 Software

Agilent Technologies

VnmrJ is a powerful, efficient and easy to use NMR & MRI data acquisition and processing software package. It is a versatile, interactive, and intuitive operating environment providing rapid experiment setup. Experiments may be queued with minimal effort for optimum workflow development and a variety of multitasking and analysis tools and protocols are built in. With a simple, intuitive operating environment and flexible progr…

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FlowCam Cyano

Yokogawa Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc

FlowCam Cyano provides an innovative solution for freshwater research and monitoring of drinking water reservoirs and recreational water bodies. A high-throughput, automated alternative to manual microscopy, FlowCam Cyano automatically differentiates between fluorescence-emitting Cyanobacteria and other algae while enabling the early detection of harmful algal blooms.

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Empower 3 Method Validation Manager (MVM)


Empower™ 3 Method Validation Manager (MVM), an option for Empower 3 Chromatography Software, allows you to perform chromatographic method validation, from protocol planning through final reporting, in one application.With Empower 3 MVM you can automatically: Manage method validation workflow in one comprehensive, automated application Clearly display the status of ongoing validation studies – enabling you to see at what…

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Lux3 BR brightfield live cell imager

Axion BioSystems

Lux3 BR is a small brightfield live-cell imager, equipped with a high-quality 6.4 MP CMOS camera. It is designed to work inside a standard cell culture incubator without disturbing temperature, airflow, and optimum culture conditions. Detailed brightfield images can be captured using the new device. In both x- and y-direction, 2072 pixels combined with 1.45 mm field of view provide a resolution of 0.7 µm/pixel. 

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Indiko Clinical Chemistry System

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Indiko is an easy to use, cost-effective system designed for load up and walk-away convenience. Intuitive user interface and many automated features help to manage the daily workload fluently. Bench-top, self-contained Indiko fits ideally to a laboratory with space limitations. Different sample types can be analyzed at the same time Continuous access to samples, reagents and cuvettes without interrupting the testing proc…

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The most popular replacement for the bound lab notebook PatentSafe is Amphora’s direct replacement for the bound paper notebook. As you might expect from the name, one of its key drivers is to create evidence which can be used in the defense of patents. PatentSafe is a flexible, cost effective solution which can be used standalone or in conjunction with one or more ELNs from Amphora or other suppliers. At Amphora we beli…

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