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ZymoBIOMICS™ Gut Microbiome Standard

Zymo Research

The ZymoBIOMICS Gut Microbiome Standard is an accurately quantified microbial community mimicking the human gut microbiome. The challenges it presents to microbiomics profiling allows researchers to validate protocols and fine-tune them for gut microbiome research and act as a positive control for sample processing.

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Manuka Honey: Microbiological Testing (TA & NPA)

Fera Science

Total Activity (TA) and Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA) are measures of the ability of a honey to inhibit microbial growth. Phenol equivalence testing through traditional plate bioassay methods is used to accurately assess these levels and allow producers to ensure labelling requirements are met. Our scientists measure the TA of your honey sample as a true to label test. This takes into account both peroxide and non-peroxide ac…

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S-Pak® Filters


S-Pak ® sterile, individually packed, gridded membrane filters are made from mixed esters of cellulose and have been optimized for MF method microbiological analysis of water or other liquids.

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CLC DNA Workbench Software

CLC bio

The New Standard for Desktop-Based Bioinformatics Tools CLC DNA Workbench provides a software environment which enables users to perform advanced DNA sequence analyses such as assembly of DNA sequence data, graphically and algorithmically advanced primer design, while offering user-friendly molecular cloning tools. CLC DNA Workbench is a bioinformatics software package containing a range of specialized DNA analyses and bioinfo…

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InforSense Suite


Sophisticated analytics solutions for life science, healthcare and finance The InforSense Suite is a next generation, Business Intelligence (BI) solution that enables organizations to create analytical applications based on any data source, in any format, however complex. With the InforSense Suite, you can understand and navigate through large amounts of data quickly and combine data from any source inside or outside an organi…

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