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BIOFLOAT™ Spheroid Culture


The new BIOFLOAT™ cell culture surface for spheroid culture features a high-grade anti-adhesive property. This makes it possible for the cultivated cells to form primarily cell-cell contacts without adhering to the surface of the vessel. BIOFLOAT™ thus makes it possible for you to produce perfect spheroids quickly and reproducibly. 

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Fœtal Bovine Serum

MP Biomedicals

MP Biomedicals offers optimum SERA from best sources with full traceabiliy and security. We are committed on the quantity and the length (until 2 years) of your batch reservation. We ensure you the highest quality with certificates of analysis; BSE tested, Mycoplasmas tested, Specific virus tested (BVD, IBR,PI3), Microbiological tests, Low level of endotoxins (Origins availabilities : USA, Australia, South America. Available…

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