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Precellys® 24 Touch

Bertin Technologies

Precellys ® 24 Touch is the ideal lab homogenizer to prepare any kind of biological sample, from the softest to the hardest. It can treat up to 24 samples at a time and has been validated on more than 1,500 different samples. The intuitive touchscreen interface of Precellys ® 24 Touch makes it really easy to use. Thanks to its exclusive vacuum-based tube locking system and its specific design, Precellys ® 24 Touch is compl…

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Cloning Platform


The Cloning Platform is a complete workflow solution for single-cell cloning. It offers automated handling of miniturised culture volumes as low as 200 nL and easy confirmation of monoclonality on day 0. Gentle handling with built-in programs for plating cells, feeding colonies, and harvesting clones maximises cloning efficiencies. With imaging and fluorescence options available, there's a configuration to suit your needs. 

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The CELLINK BIO X 3D Bioprinter is the most userfriendly yet high quality, cost-effective bioprinting platform in the world. The system provides our patented Clean Chamber Technology, exchangable heated and cooled print heads to offer pneumatic extrusion, ink-jet extrusion, thermo plastic extrusion, and even syringe based extrusion all in one system., and a user-friendly software that guides the user throughout the printing pr…

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Robust and reliable, the INKREDIBLE+ 3D Bioprinter is the only true benchtop bioprinter on the market for beginners that want to get started with bioprinting at an affordable price. The newly optimized benchtop bioprinter is perfect for the ultimate bioprinting of human tissues and tissue models for 3D culture in today’s ever more advanced research applications. With the INKREDIBLE 3D Bioprinter on your lab, you’ll see a dram…

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LabCollector Electronic Lab Notebook


The Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) is a comprehensive tool designed to make data management and collaboration in research laboratories easier. With features like plate inserts for easy sample location tracking, direct data linking to LabCollector, and image insertion options, it enhances research efficiency. Built as a collaborative platform, you can create books and share them with lab collaborators. It is versatile and has t…

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