ZEISS Laser TIRF 3 by ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

Manufacturer ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions  |  Available Worldwide
Single Molecular Imaging with up to 6 Laser Lines.

ZEISS Laser TIRF 3 by ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions product image

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Simple to use. Excellent results. Carl Zeiss Laser TIRF 3 allows you to achieve the best possible contrast and the highest resolution in the X, Y and Z axes.

It is a module you can use very easily — simply insert the TIRF slider into the luminous field diaphragm plane of your microscope. If you are investigating cell membrane processes under physiological conditions, you can also choose from different ZEISS incubators. Laser TIRF 3 works with up to a total of six lasers, including up to four solid-state lasers. You can use its line selection and attenuation device to easily choose the excitation wavelength and intensities for single molecular imaging.

With an optional, motorized slider, you can reproduce your illumination angle with precision every time. Laser TIRF 3 is also completely safe — intelligent laser safety gives you maximum protection at all times.