ZAG DNA Analyzer by Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc.

Manufacturer Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc.  |  Available Worldwide
The ZAG™ DNA Analyzer is a high throughput parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument designed for the qualitative analysis of DNA fragments

ZAG DNA Analyzer by Advanced Analytical Technologies, Inc. product image
ZAG DNA Analyzer

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DNA fragment analysis is a crucial procedure in many molecular biology facilities.  The ZAG streamlines the large-scale analysis of DNA fragments, providing researchers with an intuitive, high-throughput alternative to agarose gel electrophoresis.

The ZAG allows the loading of up to nine, 96-well sample trays for unattended operation.  This capacity enables the analysis of up to 48, 96-well sample trays in a 24-hour period. All separations, regardless of kit, are completed in under an hour – some in as few as 20 minutes. With kits for sizing DNA fragments from 35 bp to as large as 20,000 bp, the ZAG streamlines any fragment analysis workflow, from PCR products to microsatellite analysis.

Features and Benefits

  • High-Throughput Analysis – Analyze more than 4,600 samples in 24 hours
  • Broad Sizing Range – Size DNA fragments from 35 bp to 20,000 bp with diverse reagent kit offerings
  • High Separation Resolution – Accurate sizing is crucial for confident fragment analysis. The ZAG achieves 3 bp resolution for DNA fragments <300 bp